Monday, April 23, 2007

POLLUTION -project by KO.KE.M / INTERart 2006/ Friday 27th April 2007 , 19.00

The period we live in causes more a mental and physical indisposition rather than making us feel content and fulfilled.Pollution in both its obvious and hidden forms-is present in our everyday:

- the changes needed to adapt to consumer society
- the loss or change of values
- superficiality, poverty and lack of culture
- pursuit of material goods
- lack of time, pseudo-cultural consumerism
- false freedom, so on

All the above factors present us with the circumstances that lead to mental and physical pollution. The achievements with the help of institutions, cultural programs, foundations and cultural centers promote, protect and create cultural values ; as well as artists through their peculiar approach and handling of the situation - professional associations and contemporary artists raise the awareness of pollution amongst various social problems through their own experience.
by KO.KE.M , INTERart 2006