Thursday, August 17, 2006


"I'm Going Glocal" /30 september 2006 /h: 17.00
-video projections-
further info on :

draft :SURSA group's performance "Glocal HISTORY" /concept Magda Pelmus


Loading Open LAB is an underground open studio exhibiting under construction contemporary art & neo contemporary art projects and experiments , for 1 day / month dot
Loading Open LAB is a cultural space , non commercial , non profit dot
Loading Open LAB is a loading field dot
Loading Open LAB is a laboratory for the research of the contemporary art phenomenon dot
Loading Open LAB is suggesting , debating and transcending boarders dot
Loading Open LAB doesn't exhibit finite projects dot
Loading Open LAB is working with any kind of expression dot
Loading Open LAB is under construction dot

After the show you can see the documentation of all the exhibited projects here .There is no particularly program for visiting the gallery.For that you should simply mail us first before coming , at or at or calling on 0721.984670.

Please send your projects, followed by short CV on or

open call/no deadline

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


team board :
Bogdan Pelmus /RO /
Magda Pelmush /RO /
Theo Pelmus / CA /

underground open studio
str. Elie Radu no. 1
sector 5 /basement
Bucharest RO

contact :